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From 2nd of March to 23rd of March 2019

Opening Saturday 2nd of March 17h - 20h

‘Periphery’ in this case, does not signify ‘borderland’ but refers to its Ancient Greek meaning of the contour itself. Carla Swerts’ artistic practice never starts from a thematic or conceptual framework but takes sensory observation as a main incentive. Swerts relates to her environment by drawing and writing. Her impressions are recorded with archaeological precision, and are subject to abstraction - like a memory reduced to its contours. In the works on paper that Carla Swerts will be showing at Aporia Gallery, she is focusing on these outlines, looking for morphological correlation between drawings, prints and photographs.

Within this perimeter the subject becomes visible in fragmented and hesitating ways as images that are emerging or vanishing within the margins of these contours and the frames of the works. The attention for the outside does not only imply a focus on the contour lines, it gives attention to the surface as well. This surface seems rougher and is more eroded. The paper almost becomes a skin which at times has been injured. Some drawings on the other hand are like cross-cuts of objects, bodies or landscapes.

Despite and more probably thanks to her experience as an archaeological illustrator, these images show a certain refusal to be reconstructed again. The fragments are left in that condition and remain finished nor unfinished.

In 2017 Carla Swerts published Woestijngetijden. This publication was the tailpiece of her artistic research at the UHasselt and represents, in text and pictures, the Middle-East. She currently teaches at the UHasselt, KASK and PXL-MAD.




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