Aporia is a home gallery where art of contemporary artists is shown. Aporia actively looks for contemporary artistic expression with a view to exhibit.

Originality in a contemporary context is the primary criterion. Benchmarks of originality follow from image and object language, production technologies and techniques, supports of art pieces, presentation forms, subject and themes, applied materials, the artist and artistry.

Aporia does not only serve commercial objectives; Aporia is providing a conceptual space for artists adding to their development and generating artistic added value.

Aporia - a home gallery in Brussels



Aporia is a gallery run in our home. Surprised? You should not be - it offers the same advantages and disadvantages of a commercial location.

Probably even more advantages in terms of a personal treat of both artists and interested parties. Aporia will be more than just buying and selling - Aporia is looking beyond art and will be a place for musical intermezzos, lectures, encounters, discussions etc. All within the realm arts.

On top of that Aporia is located at walking distance to the Brussel's Léon Lepage and Dansaert streets where other galleries and artist ateliers are located.

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Bart Roefmans was active in engineering and economics in a previous life which was followed by a two decades of  a “surfing on diplomatic waves” period. More important is that he is suffering from a condition caused by art contamination since birth.

He is a master in art sciences specialized in avant-garde-, modern- and contemporary art and feels more than confident to put Aporia gallery on track.

The amazement about art is pulling his shoulder every day and the ambition to develop art projects is more than mature. Aporia is such a project that will connect artists and art lovers by offering a hyphen between the two of them.



“Aporia” is a Greek word meaning “a state of confusion, puzzlement and questions”- it is commonly used in contemporary Greek.

French philosopher Jacques Derrida defines aporia in a more positive way. Derrida considers aporia as a healthy state of the human mind and as a sign of adulthood during which questions are raised regarding the meaning of words and ideas.

Derrida says that by asking questions we are able to sense a more accurate significance of words and things. This will allow us to ease away from rigid definitions of words to which we tend in our daily doings. 

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