From 23rd of November to 7th of December 2019

Viviane Vansina  is painting parts of the human body as portraits. They represent the core of her visual work and expose fragments of figures which seem frozen in space and time as if they were drawn in stone statues.  The absence of coloured backgrounds underlines the vulnerability of her painterly expression.  Without any traces of movement visible, the contextual settings seem to be kept deliberately open. It results in an uncanny atmosphere which adds up to the melancholy and fragility which is flowing from the pictures.

Gijs Coenen @ Aporia Gallerye


From 14th to 29th of September 2019

Fabrizio Stenti is an estete, a composer, not with notes but with colors and tonalities. Stenti is a Belgo-Italian artist with roots in Naples, Italy, where he studied architecture. Stenti’s affinity with architecture is translated in his art in the form of paper collages which are meant as mosaics of pieces of paper which he found, collected and re-composed. He draws architectural settings in an almost two-dimensional way as if he is directing our attention to what we must see. In the architectural set-up itself Stenti provides us with the trace of human representation.

Gijs Coenen @ Aporia Gallerye


From 1st of June to 16th of June 2019

The art of Gijs Coenen are objects presented as either an object as such or as an object combined with others in an assemblage. By doing so Coenen explores and creates alternative meanings in new contextual settings. This offers indeed new conceptual ways of thinking about the formal definition of such an object installation and provides options for the viewer to discover hidden contents. It adds unexpected narratives to the beholder’s eye and imagination.

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Dynamics is the word that characterizes the sculptural art of Leendert Van Accoleyen. Dynamism in the way that it is (at first sight) easy for the viewer to reconstitute the production process of Van Accoleyen’s works; one can almost see, hear, feel and smell the different steps in the making of the work. Dynamics as well in the physical presence of the sculptures; the constructions go through ceilings and floors – unhindered through any boundaries.

Gijs Coenen @ Aporia Gallerye
Leendert Van Accoleyen @ Aporia Gallerye


From 2nd of March to 23rd of March 2019

‘Periphery’ in this case, does not signify ‘borderland’ but refers to its Ancient Greek meaning of the contour itself. Carla Swerts’ artistic practice never starts from a thematic or conceptual framework but takes sensory observation as a main incentive. Swerts relates to her environment by drawing and writing. Her impressions are recorded with archaeological precision, and are subject to abstraction - like a memory reduced to its contours. In the works on paper that Carla Swerts will be showing at Aporia Gallery, she is focusing on these outlines, looking for morphological correlation between drawings, prints and photographs.

Carla Swerts @ Aporia Gallery


From 26th of January until 16th of February 2019


Alain De Permentier is a visual artist working and living in Brussels (Brussels Capital Region).


The point that De Permentier makes in his artistic occupations is about color. In “Color excavations” De Permentier shows excerpts from his oeuvre consisting of oil paintings which portray views on the world as colorful expressions. Individual impressions translated in spontaneous color compositions.

Alain  De Permentier @ Aporia Galleryery


From 21st of October until 10th of November 2018


Ine Lammers' new work, drawings and paintings, are testimonials of her libertine approach to day to day life colored through a personal perspective.


Ine Lammers draws and paints in lively colors. With charcoal and oil she is expressing the cheerful essence of her subject matters. In doing so she allows the image to speak as an image and she lets freedom for a clear

message witin the image.


Ine Lammers is not necessarily concerned with details of the image as such; what is important to her is the image as an image within the framework of her imagination. Ine Lammers gives us a glimps of her first impression of an instant feeling that she experiences with regards to a person or a scenery.


Ine Lammers @ Aporia Gallery


From 8th of September until 29th of September 2018

Irene Goethuys’ medium is clay through which she gives abstract expressions to original forms such as squares and cubes, transforming them into rhythmical compositions.

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Roland Fonteyne concentrated on sumi-e painting; a technique which applies black ink on paper leaving other parts white. The latter surfaces are equally important in the final work - the art of omitting.

Irene Goethuys @ Aporia Gallery

Beautiful Dystopia

From 19 May until 16 June 2018


Pieter Léon Vermeersch (°1984) is an artist living and working in Leuven, Belgium.

In “Beautiful Dystopia” Vermeersch shows an overview of his most recent computer drawings of propositions for new building designs as elements for future cities in the form of large computer print-outs and hand-made maquettes.

In Aporia’s “Beautiful Dystopia” exhibition, Vermeersch not only provides proof of his capacious imaginative brainpower and creativity, his knowledge of integrated CAD computer design aptitudes and more significantly, his acquaintance with architectural history.

As indicates the title of the exposition, Vermeersch also points at the future and replaced the word “utopia” by its opposite “dystopia”. Here, he refers to existentialist views on power, control and discipline that e.g. architectural constructions have on society, the public at large and the citizen. Possibilities of buildings as panoptica are clearly present in the designs of Vermeersch and he herewith refers to e.g. Michel Foucault. Vermeersch refers to it by negating the (architectural) utopia and by suggesting a dystopia With this in mind Vermeersch points us to a critical approach with regards to future architecture notwithstanding the esthetical beauty of his designs.

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Pieter Vermeersch @ Aporia Gallery


The moment is yours

From 17 March until 14 April 2018

Belgian artist Bob Roes was born in 1969. He lives and works in Turnhout. Roes studied plastic arts in Ghent.  He was a pedagogical educator and taught plastic arts in high school before deciding upon a carrier as an independent contemporary art painter.

In Aporia’s “The moment is yours” exhibition, Bob Roes shows oil paintings about particular moments in the past which have since then been fading away. The paintings are imagined based upon anonymous photographs which Roes uses in an effort trying to grasp as intangible moments in the past. The resulting paintings picture the almost impossibility to re-frame the emotional framework from given instants in the past - it seems that such moments can only be reminded as a best possible approximation of what has been.

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Fragments intimes

From 27 January until 17 February 2018

Anne-Sophie Fontenelle is a Belgian artist born in Charleroi in 1977. She lives and works in Liège, Belgium.

The drawings and oil paintings of Anne-Sophie Fontenelle have one thing in common: whether in portraits or in landscapes, they have a starting point from within. They originate from an internal instant, from an inside sentiment. It is from the interior self, the inner I that the artist imagines landscapes and portraits. 



Texting and other things

From 9 December to 29 December 2017

Patrick Keulemans is a contemporary artist (°1958).

He works with a variety of media and materials to develop his artistic ideas and concepts. Keulemans uses the alphabet, signs and objects that we are very familiar with and re-arranges them in a new context. Characteristic to the work of Patrick Keulemans is the handicraft and the technical expertise to finish the art pieces. It makes the art look convincing and allows for an easy communication with the viewer.

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Insiders' Memories

From 21 October to 11 November 2017

Karien Deroo is a mid-carreer artist (°1963) working and living in Sint-Laureins.

Portret and landscape painting in oil is at the center of her work. The canvasses show figures frozen in space and contemplate in an uncertain emotional condition. A movement is clearly visible but remains unclear where the figures are situated or where they are going to. We can hardly read their intentions although we can feel an uneasiness from each brush stroke.

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Let's play house

From 22 April to 14 May 2017

Niels Vaes is a young artist (°1987, Hasselt) working and living in Brussels. Drawing, painting, assembling and building spaces. He is creative and manifold and offers an atypical formal proposition; in this sense he is a typical artist. If we look at the formal content of the works he remains to be an atypical creative.

There is always something happening in the art of Vaes. For instance the materials which he applies as raw building material: wood, concrete, metal, glass, (oil)paint, ink.

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